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Banana in the navel with crystals

Model: tit-02-n12
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You can buy amazing piercing earrings with crystals in our Kaflon store. We offer to your attention models of banana in the navel:
  • classical type with one large lower crystal;
  • with two inserts at the ends of the decoration;
  • with rich inlays;
  • with composite pendants or figurines from Swarovski.

Luxury, style, sexuality

All this is the result of choosing a luxurious belly button earring. The property of crystal inserts is such that regardless of their size, the model acquires a bright, bright, shiny look. All the eyes of others will be focused on your stomach! All you have to do is choose and buy a product with stones of the desired color. The palette of rhinestones is simply endless: from transparent "diamonds" to ultramarine, black, purple or sunny shades. And there are also "chameleons" that fit into any wardrobe or jewelry set.

Become the queen of summer or the queen of heavy nights! To do this, it is enough to buy a banana from the navel with crystals. Our online store has already taken care of everything else: hypoallergenicity, biocompatibility, quality of materials, low price and an endless selection of models!