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Clicker at the navel

Let's start with the main thing - you can buy a navel clicker only for a completely healed, formed puncture. This limitation follows from the fact that in most cases clickers are equipped with a direct latch, which, in fact, closes with a characteristic sound. But the piercing channel for navel piercing is slightly curved, so these models are not suitable as the first earrings.

Variety of clickers

Products in the form of rings from the outside and a straight pin from the inside look best in the navel. When inflated, the earring resembles a "shield", that is, it partially or completely covers the umbilical cavity or "knot". The best appearance is provided by earrings with crystals or stones, then the center of the belly sparkles and sparkles, which immediately attracts attention.

An openwork earring is suitable for more modest solutions. It will give the impression of lightness and lightness, accordingly, it is ideal for thin girls.

It is not recommended to buy a clicker in the navel of a different shape, except for a round one, because the risk of injury from a puncture is too high.

In our online store you will find any earrings in the navel, so be careful when choosing, because the low price awakens the urge to experiment.