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Navel ring

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The most popular piercing earrings are rings. Belly buttons fit almost all sizes, except for super miniature products. Why should you buy an engagement ring for a belly piercing? Thanks to their shape, such models are a real alternative to bananas, because they are just as easy to put on and fully correspond to the configuration of the navel piercing.

A wealth of choice

Designers have done a good job on this type of earrings, so now you can choose wisely among:
  • classic rings;
  • segmental;
  • with a ball in the form of a fastener.

They "play" not only with colors and sizes, but also with the width of the products. In our catalog you will find everything: from ultra-thin, weightless rings to large "cuffs". Navel rings are made with crystals, engraving, notches, etc. or can be completely smooth, matte or glossy.

They are made of titanium, medical steel and copper-based alloys. PVD spraying is actively used, so there are many black and colored models and, of course, metal ones with gold, silver, platinum anodization. You can buy any of the described types of piercing earrings in our online store, and at an affordable price.