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Piercing for pregnant women in the navel

Navel jewelry can be worn during pregnancy. After removing the earring for several months, you run the risk of getting a healed puncture, which means you have to repeat everything from the beginning. It is quite possible to do without this if you buy a navel earring made of bioplastic.

Why Bioplast

This is a polymeric material that is actively used in medicine, as it is completely inert in relation to the human body, biocompatible with it and hypoallergenic.

Bananas, bioplastic rods always have an excess length due to the fact that it can be cut to the desired size. So don't worry if you don't find the right size - do we have it?

As jewelry for pregnant women, it is generally indispensable. Unlike metals, polymers are free to bend and bend, able to take on any configuration, which is extremely important with a growing belly and a changing shape of the navel.

As for the choice of bioplastic earrings, now it is as extensive as possible. The polymer is combined with the decor of metal, wood, inserts are made of crystals and stones. Models are also very varied.

Forget that you were told that pregnancy and navel piercing are incompatible things! Previously, it was simply not possible to buy an earring from Bioplast. In our store there are any models of this material. By the way, they are sold inexpensively, at a very affordable price.