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Horseshoes, twisters (spirals) to the navel

Before the banana, the ringlets at the navel have long been ringing. To that piercer, who loves non-standard solutions, they gave respect to pidkovi, spirals (twisters). Such embellishments for belly piercings are less popular, lower jaws.

Buy a pidkova in the navel

Qiu earring is often called pіvkiltsem, vykhodyachi z її forms. This is true 50-70% of cola, decorated with wrapping on the ends (bags, cones, crystals thinly). Pidkova can be more rounded or twisted in shape, mother of color sawing or be overlaid with metal.

Interest Wiki:

  • non-standard embellishment for a similar piercing;
  • funny "ribs" that look out of the umbilical fossa.

Twister (spiral)

Also, the original navel earring. Cі models are more easily inserted at the puncture of the abdomen, wanting the stench to look even more intriguing. As you might call it, the shape of the earring is bent/twisted, tobto. spiral-like.

Get respect! Pidkov, and especially a twister, you can buy only for a puncture, so I’ll get excited. For a new piercing, bananas are optimal.

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