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Decorate with top decor

Are you used to the fact that the decorative part of the banana in the navel is at the bottom? Forget it! The most original belly piercing earrings - with top decoration! That is, a pendant, a central crystal or a composite design solution is installed instead of the upper ball. As a result, it hangs over the navel or covers it.

Design variations:

  • a large stone or crystal above;
  • the inlay descends;
  • elongated pendant in the form of chains or a continuous strip, etc.

What is interesting about a banana with a top decoration

There is no doubt that this is an unusual and original belly piercing decoration. Therefore, it will be perfect for creative, creative people who are constantly looking for something new and interesting.

In addition, it is an ideal choice for a lower navel piercing. In this case, it will be extremely interestingly designed, which is exactly what you were trying to achieve. So it is really worth buying a banana earring in the navel with the top decor, at least for variety, because you probably already have classic options. As always in the Kaflon online store, all our earrings have a low price, are made of high-quality materials, do not cause allergies and accelerate healing.