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Navel Jewelry: Illusion, Shield

In this section of the catalog, you can buy a banana in the navel in the form of a shield or an illusion. This type of jewelry for piercing appeared recently, but has already found its loyal fans and buyers.

Shield earring

This is the same banana, but its decorative part completely covers both ends of the bar, and when inflated it covers the navel - hence the name shield. Belly piercing with such decoration looks very unusual and original. In addition, this approach allows designers to create incredibly interesting compositions that make the earring the center of attention.

Banana is an illusion

Another interesting design decision. It is based on dividing the decor into two parts. One replaces the lower ball, the second - the upper one.

When the earring is put on, the outside observer gets the feeling that the decorative part goes under the skin of the abdomen, pierces it and then comes out. Most often, to create an illusion, it is used:

  • elongated figures, silhouettes of animals (snakes, lizards, dragons, etc.);
  • plant motifs (flower with a stem, creeper, etc.);
  • various arrows, spears or other forms.

You can buy an earring (banana) in the navel shield, an illusion in our online store at an affordable price. Our piercing earrings are famous for their excellent quality, hypoallergenicity and damage resistance.