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Ear piercing jewelry: the number of earrings is not limited!

Ear piercing has been known to mankind for many millennia. A proven fact is the existence of a similar custom already in the 6th millennium BC. Therefore, ear piercing is indeed one of the most ancient habits of people.

Now many options for wearing earrings or other ear decorations have been invented, as evidenced by the countless photos of ear piercings on the Internet. We will describe the most common ones.

Variants of ear piercing

  • Tragus ear piercing (goatee)
    • The puncture site is a small cartilage opposite the auricle. Earrings for such a piercing are a labret (for the first piercing, a must!) or a ring. These ornaments are distinguished by their small weight and size.
  • Helix ear piercing
    • It is done in the upper part of the ear, in the convolution of the concha. Preferably wears either a labret or a ring. If you make two punctures and insert an elongated earring bar, you will get an industrial style.
  • Cartilage ear piercing
    • ​There are two types of ear piercing that fall under this definition.
    • Or the inner cartilage of the ear is pierced, opposite the tragus. In this case, either a labret or a clove earring is worn.
    • The second option is called "days". For it, the ascending cartilage breaks through, opposite and above the goatee. With this type of ear piercing, a ring, septum, or heart earring is suitable.
  • Ear lobe piercing

The most fashionable and popular type of piercing. There may be one or several punctures in the lobe. Absolutely any earrings are suitable, from cloves to large rings.

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