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Flat ear cartilage piercing

There are about 20 types of ear cartilage piercing, although some manage to find 25. Flat also refers to cartilage piercing. It is included in the group of piercings united by the name "helix", although the auricle is pierced in it.

Flat dislocation

According to the classics, it should be in the boat-shaped fossa, but it is allowed to deviate a little to the right/left or deep into the ear. Unlike Helix, Flat is made in straight cartilage, so it uses slightly different decorations. In addition, it is located deeper in the auricle, which also leads to certain limitations when choosing earrings.


Until the piercing is completely healed, only straight earrings are suitable:

  • Labrets;
  • Micro bars.

Curved models and rings can be worn only after 2-3 months.

The terms of healing and upgrade of Flat piercing

Masters of piercing salons in their reinsurance recommendations, but you need to know the approximate terms:

  • it takes about six months for the final healing of the canal;
  • Downsize is possible after 2 weeks (this is the replacement of jewelry with a shorter one);
  • change of winding - after 14-20 days;
  • transition to horseshoes, rings no earlier than the end of the 3rd month after the procedure.

Requirements for flat earrings

These are only straight forms of relatively short length (up to 10 mm). The diameter of the pin is 1-1.6 mm. Manufacturing materials: bioplastic, medical steel, titanium. Since the first ornament is taken longer to allow for swelling, it is not recommended to use gold. After a couple of weeks, the earring will lose its relevance and will be replaced by the optimal size. As for the decor, there are no restrictions. The basis of the design can be crystals, stones, metal or bioplastic compositions or their combination.

Peculiarities of piercing

Frankly speaking, flat looks more feminine than helix. Thanks to the convenient location of the piercing, the risk of the earring falling out, getting caught in the hair or headdress is reduced. Localization of the earring only 0.5 - 1 cm below the helix ensures a smaller threat of trauma to the fresh canal, the labret sits more reliably. When choosing a ring, you should remember that you need a product with a larger diameter. Because of this, most of the advantages of flats turn into disadvantages. But visually, the Flat ring looks more original than the helix.