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Helix piercing, forward helix

Helix is one of the most modern and widest types of ear cartilage piercing. It is important that the informal people forged a protest against conservative views on body modification. So, like a wine with a more important human puncture, then yogo was embellished with kiltsy, moreover, the more brutal the stench was, the better.

And the axis from the end of the 20th century Helix was all over the place for a part of the population, commemorating its innocence and sexuality. The result was the expansion of the range of earrings for Helix and the appearance of Forward Helix.


The piercing should be at the upper part of the ear, right under the curl of the ear. The place of this dislocation can be like this: the upper point, closer to the head, or the outer part of the shell. The remaining option is the widest and most classic, but you had a chance to “pouch” through the fashion on a numerically pierced helix.

Earrings fit, be it, the head stench was not too great. Labrets, rings, short rods lead. Ale in a puncture, you can embellish the name shape and exclusive design. Before the speech, with a puncture, just ask to wear a cafe.

Forward Helix

I call my name "forward" helix, having filled the zavdyaki to my roztashuvanny. An anticoil is pierced, the upper fold (arc), which adjoins to the head. Numerical punctures are also allowed to create a cicada composition.

Earrings Forward Helix: labret, micro rod, mini stud. The rings are more suitable for people, but for women it will be the same. Ale, you can skushtuvati, but raptom pidide?

Access to standards

All types of helix are easy to accept as stud earrings. The only moment - there can be buti from the “stub”, tobto. if the fastener does not skip the names of the stitches. In another situation, embellishment can create discomfort and injury.

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