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Conch piercing, Inner Conch, Outer Conch

While rare in Ukraine, but very popular in the world, piercing sets certain requirements for jewelry. Not every earring is suitable for the end, and this is not a question of aesthetics, but of comfort and, in general, the possibility of wearing. Given that Conch Piercing is divided into 3 types, we will push away from this in the selection of jewelry.

Classic finish

A puncture is made in the cup of the ear, the cartilaginous bottom is pierced through and the pin of the piercing earring comes out. The main thing in grading such a puncture is its localization. According to the classics, the decoration is located a little lower than the middle of the cup, closer to its outer side.

The optimal earring for the end is a labret decorated with a ball, crystal, stone, etc. Since the idea of this modification of the ear is that from its depth there is a noticeable shine of metal or a shiny rhinestone, in addition to labrets, you can use mini bars. Rings are not suitable for this piercing. In the neighboring ragnar or snag - please, but in the end no. Roughly speaking, it will suck.

Internal butt piercing

The Inner Conch is created in the standard way for the end, only in a different part of the cup: closer to the head, next to the ruuk and deis, but in the ear cup.

Earrings for inner conch: the smallest barbells, small labrets. On the Internet, you can find statements that wedding rings are also suitable for the Inner Conch. I would like to see with my own eyes the procedure of pulling the ring into the inner end. It will be spectacular.

Outer Conch

The outer end is located in the upper part of the auricle, just below the "industrial line", according to science: "between the shuttle and the bottom". Slightly offset to the center so that the earring looks from under the bend of the ear arch.

The decorations for him are the same: a labret, a mini barbell. For lovers of earrings, let's clarify that, of course, you can insert a ring, but from the outside, the piercing will be perceived more like a defective helix, and not a stylish tip.


Carnation earrings with a solid clasp, without the pin protruding, are suitable for all types of this piercing. Therefore, the choice of jewelry goes from the status of "big" to "unfathomable".

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