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Orbital piercing, spiral ear

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Orbital piercing and Ear spiral are considered to be one subspecies of piercing, many of which are similar. Spiral vuha can be called a "private" spiral of the orbital, or, on the other hand, it should be considered an unfinished spiral. Basically, the types of modifications of the cartilage of the ear are those that require more than one puncture for them.

Orbital piercing (orbital)

Vіn may be roztashovaniya at any part of the ear cartilage, all lie down according to your imagination. On a small vіdstanі, one kind of one, two "dirks" scuttle, through the yakі the ring stretches. Visually predict the orbit, I will name it. If you speak through the door, then Orbital piercing is possible through whether or not the suture pierces, thus allowing the diameter of the ring.

Earrings for orbіtalu, zrozumіlo, ring (segment, clicker, standard). Ale, until the final zagoєnnya, it’s better to vicorist two okremі, straight earrings. It is to speed up the process and allow to form equal, accurate punctures without twisting and twisting.

Ear spiral piercing

According to the classical tradition, there are only three “breaks” of the curl of the auricle, pierced at the furthest point in front of the head. The upper part of the ear is worn on the surface.

Narazі spirals squirm along the entire arch of the ear, where it is appropriate for anyone. As before, a similar modification of the vuh was a “recognizable sign” for the old Egyptian elite, especially the priesthood, now it is a great piercing.

What to wear earrings, tse spiral in all її manifestations. The number of turnovers is selected for the number of punctures and nonetheless. Vіdstan mіzh dіrochki vybirаєєєєє quite, smut - schob іsnuvali earrings of such size.

Spirals are sometimes replaced with rings. Don't go and don't Ear spiral, pro-style and cool. Well, even if it came up, you can pull in a sprat of carnations, labrets and rods.

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