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Tragus piercing: original, stylish and elegant

A small cartilage, rounded in shape, located on the outer part of the ear near the auditory canal, is called a tragus. It seems to hang over him a little. Therefore, when the bridge of the ear decorates the earrings, such as in our photos, it gives the image a special style and originality. Especially if there is a desire to attract attention to a neat ear, a clear face oval and toned skin.

Like any cartilage, the goatee can be pierced, although it is better to do such a piercing in the salon, and not on your own. This part of the ear is quite dense and is located in close proximity to the main organ of hearing, so it requires increased accuracy and caution when piercing.

Kozelok: piercing, piercing earrings and their price, offered by the online store "Caflon" (Ukraine)

As you understand, earrings for goat piercings have a unique shape and clasp. Although the price, as we can see in the photo, is not high at all. So, what models of earrings for the bridge of the ear (piercing) do we recommend to buy:

  • carnation earrings with stones;
  • labret;
  • ring with expansion or segment;
  • half ring;
  • curl;
  • earrings with Swarovski crystals;
  • with "protuberances;
  • in the form of cherries, scissors, crosses and other figures;
  • with enamel or stones.

All ornaments for goatee piercing are made of high-quality hypoallergenic alloy (medical steel), do not require twisting, and are easily inserted into the piercing.