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Ear lobe piercing: buy stunning jewelry at Kaflon

Earlobe piercing has become so commonplace that it is no longer considered a type of piercing. Of course, we are talking about the Lobe, that is, the classic piercing of the earlobe. It was always easy and simple to buy jewelry for him. But life does not stand still, there are new approaches to this standard body modification, which forced piercers to divide this piercing into separate subcategories.

Classic ear lobe earrings

We offer to buy not just earrings with ready-made "holes", but also "piercing means", i.e. needle earrings. If for this you use a professional pistol and the services of a master - even better.

For those who already have everything ready: the holes are already there and they have healed, we offer you to buy amazing jewelry:

  • pussets;
  • carnations;
  • rings;
  • half rings;
  • an immortal classic with a bracket and a lock.

Neoclassicism: multi-piercing

It is rare to get by with one hole in the ear, connoisseurs prefer to make 2-3, sometimes 4-5 punctures on the entire surface of the lobe. Usually, the central element of such an image is a larger product, which is supported by many small ones. Stud earrings and needle earrings serve as support, and are available for purchase in our online store. We have such beautiful poufs that they do not even need to be added to the leading large decorated ones, but independently create a complete and harmonious image.

Creative Transverse Lobe Piercing

Non-standard piercing solution: pierce the earlobe transversely. This piercing looks so unusual and original that it rarely leaves anyone indifferent. The only minus can be considered the limitation of the choice decorated only with bars. True, if you choose a clicker with a straight pin of the appropriate length, the variety will increase.

Our catalog presents all types of rods of any caliber and length. And you will also find dozens of clicker models of completely different sizes.

Tunnels: A full lobe upgrade

The largest ear piercing is called "tunnel". It all starts with a banal piercing, then the stretching process begins with the help of special stretches (pulls). As the hole increases, the diameter of special earrings: plugs and tunnels increases.

In "Kaflon" you can buy everything for piercing, stretching and decoration: from needles to the largest plugs.

Manufacturing material

Jewelry for earlobe piercing included in our catalog is made exclusively from safe, hypoallergenic materials:

  • medical steel;
  • titanium;
  • copper

A huge selection of designs

We tried to cover all styles and directions. Therefore, the range of models includes:

  • all-metal / forms;
  • with crystals: rolled and taped;
  • with classic clasp and disk;
  • gold, silver, steel or black;
  • with pendants of any direction (chains, cross, skull, etc.);
  • with thematic, animation and other decor.

If we talk about the general perception of design, then there are solutions in the direction of minimalism, ethno, casual, classic, zeitgeist, vintage and retro, resembling a romantic style trend or grunge.