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Skafa, flat piercing

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Scapha Piercing and Flat Piercing are often confused with Helix. Ale for znavtsіv tse two absolutely different punctures. Looking back at those who fahіvtsі up to 60 different modifications of the cartilage of the ear, it's not surprising. But in the course of time, people are also kindly understanding the values of authority, so be the first! Choose non-standard, creative punctures!

Skafa piercing

The puncture is carried out like a bi on the helix support, there, de the rim of the ear is transformed onto the internal cartilage.

Earrings fit you yourself, for helix. Tobto all the rings, small bars and labrets. Unfortunately, due to the wild popularity of Helix, Scapha Piercing did not gain a wide width, having lost an exclusive piercing for right positions. For proposals for more salons for piercings, see the price list.

Flat Piercing

The flat is also straying from the helix. This piercing can be determined solely for the purpose of rotting: it can be broken at the “chnopodіbnіy” pit. Vіn trohi folded for his "competitor", that is less important. Until the last round, straight earrings are suitable: labrets, bars. If so, you can vikoristovuvat embellish it, be it a form. It’s true, varto vrakhovuvati, that Flat is localized troch deeper at the outer shell, that is suitable for larger diameter rings, lower ti, which are vicorous for helix.

It is recommended to buy earrings for scarf piercing, flat piercing from our company's online store. In catalosis, earrings are presented in cartilage, whether they are shaping the world at a low price. All the stinks are made from the yak_snyh, biosum_snyh materials (surgical steel, titanium, bioplastic), which is hypoallergenic and safe for the human body.