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Super earrings for Daith, Rook, Antitragus, Snug ear cartilage piercing


True connoisseurs of piercing should pay attention to non-standard solutions and approaches to ear cartilage piercing and original earrings. Become special, stand out from the crowd!

Rook (ruuk, Rook

The piercing is located next to the helix, as it is a puncture of the upper inner cartilage, which usually protrudes slightly outward. At the site of localization, it is a thick cartilage perpendicular to the head in the upper part of the auricle. If you run your hand over your ear, you will immediately feel it. The cartilage breaks through strictly vertically, heals in about 5 months. But the hand piercing itself is unusual, beautiful and as original as possible.

Earrings suitable for Rook Piercing:

  • "novella" is optimal for the first piercing (it is a curved bar that is used to decorate eyebrows);
  • round-shaped clicker, horseshoe, some micro bananas;
  • the ring most vividly emphasizes all the beauty of this piercing.

It is possible to use twisters with one or a maximum of two spirals, but these earrings are suitable exclusively for old "holes" capable of surviving "twisting".

Daith Piercing

Deys (deys, dos, deyz) is a breakdown of the internal cartilage below the arm and slightly above the tragus. A small cartilage is involved, which crowns the ear arch adjacent to the head. It seems to form a small curl at the end, which turns into cartilage.

The puncture is also done vertically. Among the optimal decorated rings, it is worth noting, again, the rings, which look incredibly cool in this place. Original half-rings, rounded clickers, novels, micro bananas are suitable.

Snug Piercing

Snag is often called an antihelix because of the location of its dislocation. Usually it is located on the opposite side of the ear from the helix, on the arc, which is closer to the outer part of the auricle. The puncture is performed directly opposite, slightly higher or lower than the ear canal. Curved mini bars, rings and semi-rings, mini bananas can be included among the ideal decorations for strength.


He is not the antipode of tragus. The piercing is done on the cartilage protruding above the earlobe. As an ornament, ring earrings of any configuration are most appreciated. Mini bars look good, and in some cases a labret is also suitable. The antitragus piercing is conveniently located, most often the cartilage protrudes enough to significantly expand the selection of models.

In our catalog you will be able to find and buy earrings for nag - piercing, deis - piercing, antitragus, hand - piercing. The price of earrings is as affordable as possible, the model range includes tens of thousands of items. All ear cartilage jewelry is made of high-quality, hypoallergenic materials (titanium, medical steel with gold / silver, bioplastic, etc.), so they are suitable for the first and healed piercing.