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Tragus piercing

Tragus piersing became famously popular in the last hour. Irrespective of trying to finish the trivaly term “zagoennya”, more and more people are staring at the same cartilage piercing in the ear. The basis of such a choice lies innocence, style and beauty of the right adornment of the tragus. Seryoga attracts in every place, look, gives the hairdresser a veil of mystery, creativity and elegant rebellion.

There are two types of tragus piercing: horizontal and vertical.

Classic Tragus piercing

Tse punching tragus (tragus) perpendicular to the head. Tobto small cartilage, right above the auditory canal. Dirka is roztashovuetsya, as a rule, in the center, but through the individual features of life, the air can be moved sideways, uphill or down.

Earrings in tragus (horizontal): labret, micro rod, pivkilce or miniature ring. If the rosemary of the ring is chosen incorrectly, then the earring can tease the ear and provoke teasing.

The most stylish embellishment is labret with crystal, and the traditional one is with a metal bag like wrapping.

Vertical tragus piercing

The vein is injected strictly vertically, practically parallel to the head, the head passes through the entire cartilage. Looking like a cicavo, we are also gaining popularity. Such a tragus piercing is ideally attached to a straight barbell, so embellish it with a shape that will be optimal and comfortable. Є arc tsіkavy solution with a small pivkiltsem - "septum", smut, so that the shackle was straight and went up to the dovzhin.

Deyaki vikoristovuyut bananas here. Tse not zaboronyaetsya, but not recommended. If you really want to wear such earrings in tragedy, then you should respectfully choose the size of that shape. The smaller virib and the straight shackle, the better.

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