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For several years now, the entire fashionable beaumond has been "piercing" the lobes. It all started modestly, as always.

The famous stylist presented his new solution: 2 earrings in a lobe, strictly one above the other. Although the "sharks" of the beauty industry pretend that they are "floating in the sky", they know the laws of business inside and out, so this style trend has found a lot of supporters.

Купить сережки для двойного прокола мочки уха

Why did everyone start doing double earlobe piercing? Everything is simple. Most girls put on their first earrings in childhood. Years pass, she grows up, facial features change and take shape, as a result it turns out that the hole for decoration is located very low/high, moved to the left/right. Therefore, the proposed approach simultaneously found its fans and was immediately implemented.

What earrings to buy for double ear piercing

It depends on which wearing option you chose.

Two earrings one above the other

The model came from ready-to-wear. Glamor involves wearing two studs with diamonds clearly under one another. That is, with a high puncture, you make a hole lower, with a low one - higher. If the hole is in the center of the lobe, then you choose as you like.

Streetstyle, of course, made its adjustments. Combinations appeared:

  • a ring is a puss;
  • broaching - clove;
  • suspension - pushet.

All this can be bought in our online store.

Upper Lobe Earrings or the use of the upper part of the lobe

Since most beauticians do not suffer from strabismus, the hole for the earring is in the center. Therefore, the upper part of the lobe was involved to get a double ear piercing.

Here again, carnations and earrings are indispensable. Although classics are often found as the main element, and an upper poussette is added to it.

сережки для двойного прокола

Upper Lobe decor is perfectly combined with helix piercing, double or single. Given that industrial is gaining popularity again, it is more relevant to make two holes in the ear.

Double piercing of the auricle

The design of one earring next to the other has also moved to the outer part of the auricle, just above the lobe. Relevant decorations for him are recognized as:

  • carnation - carnation;
  • a ring - a ring (minimum diameter, close fitting);
  • cuff - cuff or puset, ring.

Separate earrings for double ear piercing

Such models are usually represented by a pair of studs/studs connected by a chain. Visually, they can resemble coffee cups, "protrusions" or drafts, but enter 2 holes at once.

Do without a double piercing of the earlobe - buy climber earrings

Climbers/crawlers allow you to create the impression of even double ear piercing, and multipiercing. A whole row of "diamantics", "pearls" confidently crawls up from the lobe, reaching the middle of the auricle, sometimes the helix.

двойной прокол мочки уха и хеликса

In fact, this decoration is attached to a single stud, and then a pressure loop is used for fixation.

A similar visual perception can be created by well-chosen jackets. Well, kafas can generally simulate any body art on the ear, which everyone will consider a double or multiple piercing.

Caflon online store offers

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