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Tongue piercing jewelry: make you look into your mouth!

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Since ancient times, language has had a sacred meaning. Tongue piercing was used in Mesoamerica as a ritual action connecting a person with the gods. And in other parts of the planet, "evil" magic was expelled from the body in this way. Also, tongue piercing, for unknown reasons, became an attribute of Sufis and Eastern fakirs.

Now, this is one of the most common types of body piercing in the world, second only to earlobe piercing in number of procedures.

Tongue piercing to buy in the online store "Caflon" (Ukraine): barbell or earring?

Tongue piercing can be conditionally divided into fresh and healed. Taking into account the mobility and location of this organ, its tendency to swelling at the slightest damage, the selection of the piercing has its own individual features.

At the first piercing, it is necessary to stop at the earring bar. Moreover, you need to buy a longer rod than it seems at first glance. Due to the fact that the tongue will definitely swell, the ornament of a standard length will start to "bump", irritate and interfere. In addition, the thickness of the bar plays an important role. If it is thin, it will move and shift when talking or eating, which will make it difficult for the piercing to heal successfully.

When the most dangerous period is over, you can already pay attention to the most fashionable, original and non-standard earrings or bars. Tongue piercing, as seen in our photos, is not limited to banal balls. There are many earrings, shocking and courageous, that put the interlocutor "in a stupor" or make them smile.

This is not only a sparkling Swarovski crystal, but also "Cherry", "Dollar" or "Pill" rod. Even there are ornaments with a movable element!

Tongue piercing bar: what are they made of?

In our store you can buy a bar from:

  • bioplastic;
  • titanium;
  • medical steel (with spraying of various colors);
  • with zirconium sputtering;
  • made of steel with plastic decoration.