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Chin piercing

Chin piercing still belongs to the outrageous and unusual types of piercing. Because of this, they are trying to bring it into a separate type of lip modification, although it is a completely independent option for facial decoration. There is also a misconception that an earring in the chin looks bulky, which again is not true, since everything depends on the correct selection of piercing jewelry. The idea of chin body art came to Europe from America, where it was incredibly popular among the Aztecs and Mayans. Most likely, it had a certain sacred meaning, since both priests and military leaders wore similar "decoration" on their faces.

Types of chin piercing

They can be divided into planar chin piercing and labret type.

  • Lowbret involves piercing through. The channel begins at the junction of the lower lip directly with the chin and leads to the outside. The exit point can be both the chin or hump, and the area to the right/left of it. Horizontal, vertical or diagonal piercing is allowed.
  • As a type of plane piercing, the piercing of chin tissues is used directly. There is also a vertical and horizontal version. The location is chosen based on the structure of the lower face, as a sufficient amount of flesh is needed to slip the earring through.

Recently appeared microdermals, with their ability to be installed almost everywhere, have become a successful alternative to any type of chin piercing.


It is not difficult to buy an earring for this body art. For through "holes" suitable:

  • labret as the most gentle option for teeth;
  • rods of different lengths depending on the desired image.

A flat piercing on the chin, equipped with two exits, further expands the choice of jewelry. Surface bars, bananas, and barbells are added to ordinary straight bars. Horseshoes and rings are very relevant. As for microdermals, their use, although it narrows the variety of jewelry, it significantly expands the prospects. They can be installed even on the most dry chins with thin skin.

Appearance and modifications of piercing

The trick of this body art is that it is not always clear how the earring is worn. Two vertical types are very popular:

  • a puncture in the lower part of the chin, on the "beard". If necessary, it is easy to hide even in a small beard, which is valuable for men. For girls, this is a great way to visually lengthen an excessively round face. As piercing jewelry, it is better to buy a microbanana or a horseshoe;
  • "opposite horns". In this case, the bars or labrets come from two sides below the lower jaw. The main "highlight" - you can play with the length of the outer part of the earrings, creating different images.

As for the horizontal placement, the leadership is held here by rather long bars located above or directly on the selection hill.

Frankly speaking, vertical piercings are much more popular, heal faster and look more elegant. And also open up great opportunities in choosing and buying earrings. The preferred materials for them are, as before, titanium, bioplastic and traditional medical steel.

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