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Piercing Dog Bite, Predator Bite

Both piercings are multi lip piercings, both lips are involved, but they are radically different in appearance.

Dog Bite Piercing

Frankly, it's a combination of Angel Bite and Snake. That is, the upper and lower lip are pierced twice on the right + left. The holes are made closer to the corners of the mouth, just above each other.

Perfect Jewelry

The bite of the Dog gives you the opportunity to use a lot of variations. Main models of earrings:

  • Horseshoes;
  • Half rings;
  • Labrets;
  • Rings.

The most winning combination is labrets at the top, rings or horseshoes at the bottom. Thus, the "angelic" sexuality and predatoryness of the "snake" is preserved. The reverse approach looks unexpected: a labret at the bottom, a half ring at the top. But such an ensemble is more suitable for men. The connection of rings and half rings is not recommended, as it leads to discomfort and makes it difficult to eat. Buy labrets and rings to practice which Dog Bite option suits you best. The most versatile solution: 4 labrets.

Puncture Predator Bite

What exactly was the attacking predator is not specified, which is a pity, because the piercing is ambiguous. 3 punctures are made: on the upper lip "Medusa", on the lower - "Snake Bite". That is, 1 at the top in the center and 2 at the bottom on the sides.

What earrings to buy

This type of piercing is a bit standardized, so two types of jewelry are taken:

  • Rings or horseshoes for the lower part of the mouth
  • Labret for the upper lip.

A labret is inserted into the hole to make the usual "Medusa". Rings go to the lower lip. Three labrets are allowed.

To be honest, the Predator Bite piercing suits the most creative people, as it is impressive. Unfortunately, it doesn’t suit everyone, but if you choose a set of jewelry with taste, then the situation can be corrected.

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