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Circular horseshoe 1.6 mm (ASTM F-136 titanium, Rc thread, balls)


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  • Brand: Steel-Evolution
  • Product Code: pt-in-09
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Horseshoe - circular:
Ear piercing:
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Circular horseshoe 1.6 mm (ASTM F-136 titanium, Rc thread, balls)

Titanium horseshoe is intended for cartilage piercing, ear piercing, navel piercing, as well as other types of piercing - price per piece.
  • Material: hypoallergenic titanium ASTM F-136.
  • Rod thread: internal.
  • Rod diameter 1.6*12 mm.
  • Select ball sizes 3 mm and 4 mm in the option when ordering.

The peculiarity of earrings with internal thread is that the barbell is smooth and does not injure the tissue when pierced, a universal classic decoration for body piercing, the balls unwind on both sides.

Titanium quality for your beautiful piercing

Exquisite beauty and strength with ASTM F-136 Titanium, our 1.6mm Circular Horseshoe goes beyond normal quality standards. This is not just jewelry - it is an extremely strong and safe accessory for your piercing. Our horseshoe is made of high quality titanium, which provides not only a sophisticated appearance, but also maximum wearing comfort.

  • ASTM F-136 titanium for maximum quality.
  • Internal barbell threads for easy and secure installation.
  • 1.6mm diameter - ideal size for statement piercings.
  • Beads add charm and personality.

Forget about compromising style and safety - our horseshoe unites them into one, giving you an unrivaled combination of sophistication and durability.

Exclusive design for expressive style

Your own character in every detail, our 1.6 mm circular horseshoe is not just a product, it is the discovery of your uniqueness and style. With a design that takes into account the latest trends in the world of piercing, this accessory will become an integral part of your look.

  • Elegant beads for an aesthetically pleasing look.
  • Sophisticated design for a statement.
  • The individuality you deserve.

With our exclusive designs, you will stand out from the crowd by highlighting your personality and style. Choose more than just a horseshoe—choose a distinct impression.

The reliability you deserve

Wear with confidence and comfort Your comfort and safety are our priority. The 1.6mm Circular Horseshoe is designed with not only aesthetics in mind, but also your comfort. Titanium material, excellent thread finishing and careful attention to detail make this accessory unsurpassed.

  • Maximum wearing comfort.
  • Safe thread for easy installation.
  • Titanium material to avoid allergic reactions.

Wear our horseshoe with confidence, knowing that it will not only add style to your look, but also provide you with maximum comfort and safety.

Specifications Circular horseshoe 1.6 mm (ASTM F-136 titanium, Rc thread, balls)
Product type
Horseshoe - circular
Piercing at the puncture site
Ear piercing
Features of piercing at the puncture site
Intimate puncture
Base material
Titanium hypoallergenic
Clasp (thread)
Needle diameter most suitable for puncture
Needles with a diameter of 2 mm
New decoration
Steel-Evolution (Ukraine)
For 1 piece
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