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How to properly care for a nose piercing without complications?

How to care for your nose piercing ✔️ without complications

A nose ring is a fashionable solution for both girls and guys. The main thing is to know how to care for nose piercing – and There will be no problems with punctures. As you understand, a nose piercing requires special care until it heals. For the septum this period is 2-2.5 months, the wing recovers more slowly - up to 3 months. But the most difficult and fundamental period is the first two weeks. At this time, the first tissue scarring takes place and the foundation is laid for whether there will be future problems with piercing or the whole process will become easy and unburdensome.

How to properly care for nose piercing

How to care for a nose piercing? Usually the care plan is drawn up by the piercer, since he has seen the characteristics of your skin, felt the thickness of the nostril or septum, so it can predict what difficulties await you. His instructions will be individual and tailored strictly for you. The article contains average recommendations, which are suitable for most owners of fresh body art.

Standard Nose Piercing Care Methods

Nose piercing care begins with treating the puncture site. Your task is to prevent secretions (ichor, blood) from accumulating in and around the canal. A crust will still form, so it needs to be liquefied and removed, so as not to create a breeding ground for bacteria. For this purpose the following is used:

  • saline solution;
  • antiseptic;
  • a self-created solution of sea salt in clean water.

The last point raises some doubts, since you need to select the exact percentage of salt so that it helps and does not harm. Therefore, to liquefy the crust and wash the puncture 2-3 times a day, it is better to take saline solution. In the first week, it can be replaced with an antiseptic, for example, miramistin. In the future, the number of times antiseptic treatment should be reduced, replacing it with washing. Antiseptic is good for everyone, but it noticeably dries out tissues.

Standard methods of care nose piercing

How to treat a nose piercing with chlorhexidine? This is another popular drug for treating punctures, an analogue of Miramistin. Use it as you would a regular antiseptic. Using a cotton swab, treat the puncture site until the crust softens.

For steaming and absorption, use compresses (a cotton pad soaked in a solution), and to remove dirt around Cotton swabs are perfect for decoration.

How to care for a pierced nose in the first days? During this period, the wound should be protected as much as possible from the risk of infection.

Precautions for the first 3 days:

  • do not wash your hair;
  • do not swim in a pool or pond;
  • do not visit the sauna or solarium;
  • replace washing with wiping with special napkins.

The goal is to prevent foreign fluids or sweat from entering the wound. How to further care for your nose piercing?

Characteristics of behavior during 1 month

Be sure to learn when getting your nose pierced how to care for it throughout the healing period. The first month after the procedure should:

  • refuse to use foundation or powder all over your nose;
  • seal the puncture during intense physical activity;
  • Replace the terry towel with a paper towel to blot your face rather than wipe it. This way you will avoid injury or unauthorized removal of the earring from your nose.

As a reminder: do not twist or remove the jewelry; carry out all procedures in a calm environment and with clean hands.

The technique of how to care for a nose piercing is not at all complicated, but in 98% of cases it protects against infection puncture, which means there will be no inflammation and granulomas. So be sure to find out what a nose piercing is, how to care for it and how to avoid unpleasant consequences.

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