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Segment piercing ring 1.2mm (ASTM F-136 titanium)


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  • По Україні на відділення – 60 – 80 грн.

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  • По Україні від 40 грн.
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Segment piercing ring 1.2mm (ASTM F-136 titanium)

Segmental titanium gray piercing ring with a removable segment - price per piece.
  • Material: hypoallergenic titanium polished ASTM F-136.
  • Select the ring size in the option when ordering.
  • Rod diameter: 1.2 mm.

Elegance and luxury - add unmatched beauty to your life with a piercing ring.

Variety of styles in your piercing

Deepen your style with our 1.2mm thick segment barbell piercing ring. It's about choosing aesthetic variations that reflect your unique taste. Whether you choose a classic and simple design, or are looking for impressive color designs, we have something for everyone. Create your own unique look with our exclusive designs that will make your piercing stand out from others.

Ensure your comfort and safety with titanium material

Our segment piercing ring is made from ASTM F-136 titanium for durability and comfort. This material is known for its hypoallergenicity and durability. Forget about irritation or allergic reactions - our ring will provide you with peace and resilience. Add not only style to your piercing, but also confidence in choosing a high-quality and safe accessory.

Emphasize your uniqueness with special decorative elements

With our segment ring, you can express your style with unique decorative elements. Whether you choose additional stones, engraving or subtle thinning, we can help you create a ring that reflects your personality. Create your own unique art that will always be with you.

Specifications Segment piercing ring 1.2mm (ASTM F-136 titanium)
Product type
Ring with segment
Piercing at the puncture site
Cartilage puncture
Ear piercing
Lip piercing
Nose piercing
Piercing puncture intimate
Features of piercing at the puncture site
For primary piercing (first piercing)
Base material
Titanium hypoallergenic
Needle diameter most suitable for puncture
Needles with a diameter of 1.6 mm
New decoration
Steel-Evolution (Ukraine)
For 1 piece
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Здравствуйте! Существуют ли у вас такие кольца на 16 mm? Если нет, есть ли возможность сделать под заказ?
Ответ: напишите нам на вайбер Ваш номер и мы закажем Вам!
Мар'ян  требик
Мар'ян требик
Можна заказати кольцо для принца
Admin response
Замовлення можете залишити на нашому сайті, або за телефоном.
Требик Мар'ян
Требик Мар'ян
Доброго дня можна у вас заказати кольцо для пирсинга
Admin response
Доброго дня, так, замовлення можете залишити на сайті, або за телефоном.