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Septum piercing: what and how?

The septum piercing has gained incredible popularity over the past few years. If earlier it was worn only by rebels and outrageous supporters, now this piercing proudly adorns the noses of celebrities of both sexes.

Пирсинг септум

So what is a septum? This is the Latin name for the septum, and in the field of body art, this name was given to a puncture located in the center of the nose, between the nostrils. That is, it is a piercing of the central septum of our olfactory organ.

How is it done

Despite the external effect, the piercing channel is formed not in the cartilage, but in the skin. A skin fold is pierced between the nostrils, just below the cartilage. To understand the location, feel your nose and try to slightly pull back the inter-nostril epidermis. This is exactly where the decoration will be located.

прокол септум пирсинг

The difficulty for the master performing the puncture procedure is to achieve an absolutely straight channel and not touch the cartilage. At the slightest inaccurate movement, you will have to redo the work.

As for the configuration of the earrings, the original decoration is a straight bar. A variety of rings, stylish clickers, circulars, etc. suitable only for fully healed body modification. Perhaps you can persuade the master to immediately insert a ring or clicker, but then you take responsibility for lengthening the healing period and regular injury (clicker) or for a crooked channel (ring).

How to care

Septum care scheme is standard:

  • the first 1-2 weeks, rinse with saline and separate the soaked discharge with a cotton swab and use an antiseptic (1-5 days 2 times a day, then -1 time). It is better to take an antiseptic in a spray;
  • a healed septum can be sprinkled with an antiseptic every few days for prevention.

If a runny nose occurs, it is better to increase the number of procedures in order to avoid infection of the wound.

How to hide a septum piercing

This is only available for “old” piercings. Buy an earring in the shape of a horseshoe (circular) or resembling the letter “P” in structure - a retainer. Put on and wrap the tips inside the nose. Now only you know about your piercing.

How long does a septum heal?

The standard period is considered to be a full recovery in 1.5 - 2 months.

Advantages and disadvantages

The pluses include:

  • fairly fast healing;
  • tissue puncture, not cartilage;
  • ease of concealed wearing;
  • a large selection of jewelry for the septum;
  • fashion relevance.

Among the cons:

  • high frequency of repeated puncture (you need a “full hand” and a high qualification of the master);
  • a certain tendency to migrate earrings;
  • creating some inconvenience with a runny nose, which is why such body art is not recommended for allergy sufferers.

Choice of jewelry material

The ideal solution for the first piece of jewelry is titanium. It is absolutely biocompatible, inert to mucous secretions, does not cause allergies.


Not bad for the same reasons, medical steel has proven itself. It's just that titanium itself is much lighter, which has a positive effect on the healing of the septum in people with thin, delicate skin and is suitable for those who have a mild skin fold between the nostrils.