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Earring sapphire in a ball on a curved banana bar


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Medical steel 316L biocompatible:
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Earring sapphire in a ball on a curved banana bar

The presented navel earring is a banana made of hypoallergenic 316l medical steel with a blue sapphire crystal in the lower ball.
Hypoallergenic medical steel resistant to corrosion, acids, high temperatures, does not deform, does not darken, retains its original appearance for decades. Thanks to biotolerance, it accelerates healing. All this refers to the 316L grade, from which all steel earrings in our store are made. We do not work with other brands.

Model bc-01-9 has a classic design, so it looks as elegant as possible in the navel. The earring is decorated with high-quality faceted crystals with high light reflectivity, which ensures its brightness. So the product will be clearly visible, despite the small size. Moreover, even the top ball is decorated with a crystal.

In the catalog you can choose a stone of almost any color:

  • Several shades of green and blue, including turquoise
  • Orange, burgundy, purple, red
  • "Under the diamond", "chameleon", etc.

This navel piercing earring has a comfortable, curved shape, as it should be for "bananas" - a classic.

Banana (eng. Banana) - consists of a curved round rod, on which balls are wound on both sides (thorns, cones, windings with crystals, etc.). There are types of bananas with internal and external threads. Used for navel, ear, nipple, eyebrow, intimate piercing, vertical lip piercing, etc. Materials used for production: 316L steel, black steel (PVD), ASTM F136 titanium, gold, bioplastic, PTFE, etc.

The earring is ideal for the first piercing, as it is made of biotolerant steel, has a minimal weight and a smooth configuration. Thanks to a successful design solution, the model is universal, i.e. can be worn in any season. It does not cling to clothing, so there is no risk of puncture injury.

Product Features:

  • size 1.6*10*5/8 mm
  • removable upper ball (wrapping without a crystal).
Specifications Earring sapphire in a ball on a curved banana bar
Product type
Piercing at the puncture site
Navel piercing
Base material
Medical steel 316L biocompatible
Product coating
Without cover
Clasp (thread)
Needle diameter most suitable for puncture
Needles with a diameter of 2 mm
New decoration
Steel-Evolution (Ukraine)
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