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Earrings for a taste

"Caflon" earrings for ear piercing, piercing. Carnation earrings, balls, Pusets. You can buy earrings, rings, cuffs and much more in the online store of earrings of the company "Caflon". We work all over Ukraine!

Our online store of earrings offers more than 500 types and names of earrings made of medical steel. They are hypoallergenic, suitable for both adults and children. Can be used as decoration for a healed piercing or as earrings for piercing ears. They are ideal for children as first earrings, as they are sterile, promote the healing of the lobes, and have a light weight. Here you can choose both earrings for piercing the ears, as well as elegant earrings with carnations, poussettes, and balls. Their price is quite acceptable for buyers with any income level. We did not forget the lovers of piercings, we provided a wide selection of earrings not only for the navel, but also for the lip, nose, eyebrow, etc. If you know exactly what decoration you need, then use our "Filter". It will help you choose the desired product within a few seconds. After that, you can take your time and look at our other earrings, photos of which are presented in full.

We offer what kind of earrings to buy in Ukraine

Carnation earrings, pusets, balls

Small clove earrings (balls, studs) with Swarovski crystal or an original design from the Caflon company will please people with sophisticated taste. They can be worn both by employees of offices with a strict "dress code" and by students of gymnasiums or lyceums that do not welcome voluminous jewelry on students. Carnation earrings are also among the most sought-after men's earrings. At the same time, ear plugs and balls are perfectly suitable for use in several ear piercings, allowing you to create your own unique image.

Earrings for ear piercing, children's earrings

The most optimal option for self-piercing (not recommended) or choosing first children's earrings before going to a beauty salon. They are also perfectly suited for use together with the "Caflon" ear piercing gun. A distinctive feature of earrings for children is a very thin needle that reduces pain and the appearance of blood to "zero". In addition, children's earrings have individual capsule packaging for each earring, which guarantees complete sterility. This makes them an ideal option for piercing only one ear.

Ring earrings made of hypoallergenic alloy

After looking at our photos, you will be surprised by the variety offered! Only here you can buy earrings rings of absolutely different sizes, colors and designs. Since our products are provided by the Caflon company, this is a guarantee that the earrings will not cause irritation, inflammation or allergic reactions, which you risk getting if you decide to buy market products without sterile packaging.

Medical steel cuffs

Earrings of the "Kaffa" model will allow you to add unique charm and mystery to your image. Given that our online store "Caflon" offers almost all types of cuffs (for the whole ear or part of it, with studs or without, etc.), you will definitely find the desired model.

"Deception" earrings

Such earrings belong to the "clips" series and do not require ear or skin piercing. Visually, they look like ordinary earrings or piercings. And only you will know that this is a "deceit" earring or unique clips! Is it really convenient?

Earrings made of medical steel

If you do not need stud earrings, studs, balls or hoop earrings, then pay attention to classic earrings made of medical steel. A wide selection of models, a reliable fastener, author's design, branded individual packaging and hypoallergenic products will not leave you indifferent! These earrings look solid, have nothing in common with cheap jewelry, and their price will pleasantly surprise you.

Piercing: an earring in the navel, ear, nose, eyebrow. All this can be bought from us! (only Ukraine)

We offer to buy earrings for any type of piercing. Our earring models are divided by scope of application:

  • earring piercing in the navel;
  • earring piercing in the nose;
  • earring piercing in the lip, eyebrow;
  • earring piercing in the nipple, intimate area.

There are also fairly universal piercing earrings. You can easily find photos, prices and sizes in our online store. All piercing earrings are made of medical steel, have sterile packaging from the manufacturer "Caflon", can be used both for the first piercing and for the one that has healed.

There were tunnels in the ears and plagues

Tunnels in the ears have long been recognized as an indicator of bright individuality. Therefore, we offer a huge number of models of plugs, tunnels in the ears, cheeks, nose, lips. They differ not only in color, shape and design, but also in different sizes. You can choose and buy from us the most extraordinary ear tunnels that will complement and emphasize your creativity and uniqueness.