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Baby earrings for piercing made of medical steel

What do caring parents want from children's ear piercing earrings? Of course, they must be of high quality, hypoallergenic and sterile. And what interests children in earrings? Of course, beauty, brightness, cheerfulness and some "childhood". And it's not easy to combine these two requirements. But the online store "Kaflon" succeeded! Therefore, it is here that you have the opportunity to buy in Ukraine and Kyiv children's ear piercing earrings made of medical steel, colloquially - medical.

Buy children's earrings in accordance with the parental approach

When piercing the ears, especially when it comes to a child, there are no trifles. If an adult can sacrifice quality for the sake of creativity or fashion, knowing full well the risk, then this is unacceptable for kids. Therefore, our online store for children offers the highest quality and safest goods:

  • made of medical steel - the optimal material for ear piercing;
  • all decorative elements are also made of safe, medically tested materials;
  • products are carefully processed and designed in such a way that studs or carnations do not irritate or scratch the skin of the child;
  • each earring is in a sealed and sterile package;
  • the needle of the earring has a minimum diameter to eliminate pain;
  • models are presented that are ideally suited to the ear piercing gun;
  • the C+ series is offered, designed for independent puncture without a gun.

Earrings "children's dream" at a low price

Since we ourselves are parents, we know perfectly well how the heart bleeds at the sight of children's tears. And they are inevitable if you buy children's gold earrings. A normal child in 90% of cases will lose at least one earring. Either he will be forced to portray a statue, or he will constantly think about earrings, and not about games and activities. Because of their price, you will certainly not be able to contain the irritation and displeasure at the loss, thereby seriously upsetting or frightening the baby. Silver products are also designed for adults. They are not particularly cheap, but also very easily deformed. With regular attempts to return them to their former shape, they break.

But medical steel is what you need! It is inexpensive, strong and reliable. Does not need care. In these earrings you can swim in the pool and the sea, put them in your pocket or backpack and not be afraid to bend them.

In addition, a huge variety of costume jewelry, which can not be compared with any jewelry product. Here you can always pick up really children's ear piercing earrings:

  • with stones of incredible colors;
  • various flowers, including fabulous "seven-flowers";
  • in the form of funny little animals;
  • cute "muzzles" or figurines of cartoon characters and much more that you can afford only at this age.

Do not forget that the child will have to wear ear piercing earrings for at least a month in order not to have problems in the future. Therefore, not only you, but also your girl should like them. So if you really decide to buy children's earrings in Ukraine, then choose them on our website together with your beautiful daughter!