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Unpaired earrings

For those who are tired of standards and banality, the Kaflon online store has created a creative section of the catalog where you can buy odd earrings, i.e. buy one earring or several different ones.

How are these earrings different from ordinary ones?

According to tradition, ear ornaments should be of the same color, design and style. That is, the same. But it's boring! And there is not always time to change the earrings after changing the outfit. Odd products solve the problem. How?

  • if they have crystals of different shades, then they fit almost the entire wardrobe;
  • diverse decor or size allows you to feel comfortable at any party, even when there was no time to change clothes after classes or work (removed jacket, unbuttoned collar or rolled up sleeves with unusual earrings in the ears will completely remove the business style);
  • from diverse models, you can create a thematic or a set "with content", which will allow you to express yourself without words or emphasize your affiliation to certain musical trends, etc.;
  • with good taste and imagination, all eyes will be fixed on odd earrings, thus you will be able to divert attention from what you want to hide.

From all this, you can come to a disappointing conclusion: buying odd earrings is to approach the choice of jewelry creatively, but wisely. Frankly speaking, the standard "pair" is "none". But if it is "diluted" by someone else, then a stunning result is possible. But why do you need two identical sets? Consider that it is more profitable to buy individual products, rather than several pairs.

Earrings for every outfit: easy, simple, cheap

You have the right to arrange the earrings as you like. It is most convenient to buy at least one piece of each color so that you are always "fully armed". Or a completely different design, "for all occasions". That is:

  • cross, skull, etc. can be only in one lobe, and in the other - an ordinary ball, stone or other, less expressive decor;
  • gold and silver, black and steel metal at the same time - why not? It is universal and makes it possible to choose any chain, bracelet, necklace;
  • a carnation in combination with a voluminous earring is a "classic" asymmetry that actually never goes out of fashion.

There are more daring, outrageous options.

Buy one earring (lobe)

The Odd Earrings section of the catalog will become a favorite for those with multiple piercings in one or both lobes. You will be able to create a unique composition without throwing money away. Also, if you have only one ear pierced at all, then this offer is made just for you. Everything is in your hands! It is enough to sensibly buy odd earrings (while saving on the cost, because you will buy earrings one at a time, without spending money on an unnecessary product) to always stay in trend.

What are "odd" earrings?

❤️ Earrings that differ from each other in color, design, size or style.

Why buy odd earrings?

❤️ To create an exclusive jewelry set.

What is the benefit of purchasing earrings without a pair?

❤️ There is no binding to even numbers. You can take 1,3, 5, etc. models This choice is ideal if you have multiple piercings on one lobe.

Are odd (single) earrings suitable for piercing?

❤️Yes, if there are suggestions of a form suitable for him.