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Earring piercing in the nipple and intimate area. Don't be afraid to be sexy!

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More than 100 options for earrings for nipples are promoted by the Caflon online store (Ukraine). Among the most popular types of nipple piercing and intimate area:

  • rods;
  • ring;
  • pivkiltsya.

You can pick up one earring, or a pair. Fallow in the woods, it is possible to choose more metal floors or to decorate stones, including Swarovski crystals.

For beautiful women's breasts, we have wonderful earrings for nipples , decorated with flowers with crystal roses. Individuals will be pleased with various earrings with dragons, arrows and avant-garde design.

Piercing of the nipples and the intimate zone with the earrings out of the acidic material

The nipples that area of the genitals are exalted to the point of being teased and unacceptable to piercing. Therefore, the material of the earrings can be hypoallergenic and non-slip for people. Tsim vymogam povnіstyu vіdpovidaє medichna steel (alloy), scho vikoristovuєtsya navіt in surgery. Titanium and bioplast have the same power.

According to the foregoing, TM CAFLON earring piercing, you can buy it from us, prepared only from:

  • medical steel;
  • bioplastic;
  • titanium;
  • titanium or copper alloy with zirconium insert.

Take care of your health! Choose earrings for the nipples of the intimate area only from non-standard materials made by well-known companies.