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earrings in the lip, eyebrow, mov

Earring piercing in lip, eyebrow, tongue

Have you ruined the piercing of your mouth, eyebrows of your tongue? So, our online store "Caflon" of creations is for you! What is more important for a piercer? That's right, earring! And please, buy the best earrings for piercing ruin, you can have eyebrows with your tongue from us.

Of these materials, we are encouraged to buy piercing earrings

To embellish the lips, brows or tongue, it’s better to add an earring with a bioplastic . We appreciate that at the lips of the mov piercings, the piercings are constantly influx of low temperatures, the sour and sharply puddle medium, which is very negatively influencing the metal.

In its own way, it is necessary to bring the molecules of the alloy to a regular addition and their direct interaction with the microflora of the human body and the accumulation of these speeches in tissues. And if there are too many metals in the body, like gold, it can cause a negative reaction and problems to health.

That is why TM CAFLON creates a piercing of an earring in the lip and mov from an absolutely neutral bioplastic, specially developed for the active medium.

Features of earrings for lips, eyebrows or tongue

As a rule, for the tongue, eyebrows or ruin the vicorist models at the looking rod. Eyebrow piercing or ruining a different design, for example, a ring. And the axis of the movie - nі, oskіlki be-yakі "pendants", great embellishment and otherwise lead to injury and zmushuє vіdmovitysya vіd piercing.

That one for the eyebrows or the lips are not suitable for large ones, the important things are the lowered earrings, the shards can injure the eye or the eye, cause the death to be difficult when walking.