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Ring earrings: buy an unfinished classic embellishment!

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Now everyone is trying to buy ring earrings. What can you do, fashionable bows have been replete with rings in all their manifestations for 5 years in a row. It can be one, but of a grandiose size (mono-earring), be very tiny, only to support the ribbons in the “corset” piercing, or turn out to be a completely different decoration, but pretend to be a nose ring.

Серьги кольца

Some types of piercings are even made specifically to buy a ring earring and put it on immediately. Body art of eyebrows, lips, septum and helix is famous for this. Of course, the glamorous classics are not forgotten: a ring / nipple.

The assortment of the CAFLON online store will amaze your imagination

You can buy earrings in the form of a ring from us for absolutely any body modification. Let's start with the most popular models - for lobes. If we talk about earrings rings in the ears, then they can be of various sizes and different shapes. It doesn't have to be a thin, simple ring. It is able to approach an oval, be decorated with stones or an embossed pattern. The situation is the same with piercing earrings made in the form of circles (rings). But among them, the choice is even wider, since they can be equipped with an insert, zirconium coating or have the form of a half ring.

Production material

  • titanium;
  • medical steel.

No dubious alloys or unknown metals, only biocompatible materials that are not harmful to health. Well, and the fact that they are almost eternal, not to be afraid of either fire or cold, consider it just a bonus.

Features of jewelry of this model

  • Hoop earrings are the most simple and practical piercing jewelry.
  • Before you buy hoop earrings, you need to understand what types of piercing rings are and choose the right product.
  • Rings have the widest possible range of applications, which allows them to be used in non-traditional types of piercing.
  • It is not recommended to use this model in fresh punctures. Their curved shape is to blame for this, which rarely corresponds to the channel made, and therefore distorts it. Nothing particularly terrible will happen, everything will heal anyway, but then it will be impossible to wear straight bars or labrets.
  • Rings, as the simplest jewelry, are suitable for both men and women.
  • The only puncture that allows the ring to be inserted immediately is the eyebrow. Not only is it temporary, but also the extremely plastic “eyebrow fold” is indifferent to any type of deformation: wear what you want.

Hoop earrings to buy: gold, silver or hypoallergenic

If you are allergic, then we do not recommend contacting precious metals at the initial stage. You need a guarantee that the healing will be calm and smooth, without excesses. Unfortunately, you will not be able to predict in advance how your body will react to a jewel, and especially to sample impurities.

Серьги кольца купить

Medicine logically abandoned the use of gold / silver inclusions in instruments, and switched to medical steel, which gives an elusive chance for allergies.

But the sphere of implantation is now “resting” on titanium. So it is better to buy ring earrings from these materials. After healing, you can safely experiment with metals, if something goes according to the worst scenario - quickly remove it. But people with a tendency to allergic reactions, even with an “old” puncture, need to be more careful.

сережки кольца купить в интернет магазине пирсинга

In any case, for faster healing, we suggest using special care products after ear piercing and other types of piercing, such as Caflon Ear Care Solution and Medisept Ear Piercing Gel.

Where to buy hoop earrings of a certain design

Take a look at our online piercing store, where there is an incredible variety of models and a low price. As for the appearance, then:

  • Simple medical steel rings are classic and avant-garde. They can be unbent, with a clamped ball, as well as with a small removable segment, thereby creating the appearance of an absolutely whole circle.
  • Ring earrings coated with zirconium - this is with a yellow coating, which firmly adheres to any jewelry, both titanium and medical steel. Such earrings can be decorated with cubic zirkonia of different colors and sizes or with crystals.
  • Black piercing rings are suitable for adherents of the Gothic style, people who love to emphasize their individuality and their own outlook on life.

We offer to buy hoop earrings in pairs, individually, as well as in bulk in various sets - sets, which come with a special display as a gift.