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Boys earrings

Until piercing became wildly popular, the concept of "earrings" included only pairs of earrings. They were worn in the earlobes, so there had to be two of them, i.e. couple. Therefore, when asking "buy earrings", people received a relevant answer from the search engine and could choose without hesitation.

This fashion existed 500 years ago, remains trendy today, and will be relevant hundreds of years from now, because the number of ears will still correspond to two.

But there have been some changes. Currently, jewelry for piercings has taken the leading positions in requests, and a person who wants to buy a pair of classic earrings is forced to look for them by watch. Therefore, our online store has made a separate filter for paired earrings, so that you can immediately select what you need.

Paired earrings: what are these pairs like?

According to the classics, both products should have a single design. But there are also more original solutions, when the design of a separate unit is organically complemented by another. You can buy paired earrings in the form of a key and a lock, an arrow and a heart, etc.

There is a rather creative option, when one earring is represented by a carnation, and the second is decorated with a pendant, chain, etc. Paired earrings are self-sufficient, they require additions as single items. But you can experiment to create an unusual image. Very interesting combinations often come out.

It is convenient and profitable to buy a pair of earrings

Historically, it was cheaper to buy in pairs than individually. And you can wear them however you want. Carnation earrings are the leaders in this category of our catalog:

  • with crystals, artificial stones;
  • all-metal gold, silver or unusual colors;
  • exclusive design with complex work (figures of animals, inlays in the form of flowers, butterflies, crowns, etc.).

The vast majority of products are equipped with safe fasteners, without protruding pins. This means that you can not take them off at night, do not be afraid of snags and damage on clothes or scratches on the skin.

In fact, paired earrings are universal, there are models for men and women, as well as unisex. They are comfortable, have a low price and will never go out of fashion.