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Nose piercings & nose piercings: buy inexpensive, decent jewelry

Earrings for nose piercings often refer to targeted jewelry. Bright representatives of such products are nostrils and clickers for the septum. More democratic bars, labrets are much more universal, they can often be seen when piercing the nose, but, unfortunately, they are not suitable for all types of piercings.

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We offer all types of ornaments for nose piercing. Let's start with the most popular piercing - the wing of the nostril.

You can buy an earring for him:

  • nostril, which is a "hook with a leg", decorated with a hat with a crystal, a ball;
  • labret - pin with a small "anchor" and a decorative cap;
  • ring of any diameter;
  • a special semi-ring that frames the nostril so that the impression of a classic ring is created.

For the septum, which became a "hit of the season" a couple of years ago, personal models - clickers - were invented. In the traditional sense, this is a half-ring fixed on two sides to the rod. Over time, the shape began to change and be supplemented with triangles, polygons, and abstract configurations. Reliable fixation, wearing comfort and a characteristic click when opening/closing the lock remained unchanged.

Other designer solutions can be purchased for the septum: various rods, horseshoes, rings, etc.

More rare types of nose piercing are most often based on labrets (tip) or rods, straight or curved (bridge, rhinoceros, etc.).

Please note that the first piercing always requires decorations of a certain shape, so consult with the master in advance.

Everything for nose piercing in the Caflon online store

In our catalog you will see thousands of models of earrings suitable for piercing the nose. Many of them are presented in a different color palette, size and diameter, which allows you to choose an ornament not only to a certain style, but also to the leading colors of your wardrobe.

An additional pleasant moment will be a very low price, excellent quality of materials (titanium, bioplastic/bioflex, medical steel), original, often exclusive, design. In addition, you will be pleased with the speed of order processing, the function of tracking the progress of the purchase, and a wide selection of carriers.

Buying earrings for nose piercing from us is profitable and fashionable!