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Buy tunnels from the wuha - look at the gods!

It’s good to think that the tunnels and plugs appeared not long ago. Navpaki , the history of the development of the lobe of the ear is there for a thousand! The tunnels near the vukhs were like those of the Hindu gods Shivi and Durga, so Buddi to the cob yoga mandrіvok. They were worn by ancient Egyptian pharaohs and priests of Mesoamerica. Long lobes were considered an attribute of gods in Mesopotamia and the Mediterranean. Until tsikh pіr in rich cultures, vuhah hopes for sacral significance.

Like tunnels and plugs that propagate buy online store "Caflon" (Ukraine)

We may have more than 180 models of these products. You can choose the tunnels not only from the photo , that is. focusing on the outer sight, and th for the size. In the skin position of the indications, like the color of the plug, but the value is in mm. We know how important is the exact size of the products, which is why the wide width of the tunnels with a diameter of 2 mm is suggested.

If you want to separate your own earrings by category, then you can buy from us:

  • tunnels;
  • tunnels;
  • plugs;
  • okremi adorn for the tunnel.

Virobi can be any color and design. Particularly worthy are the articles that give the maximum scope for the designer's fantasy. And if we recommend buying only products of famous brands, then the miraculous design of the tunnels will come with the official identity of the business card of such a company.

Krym tsgogo, all plugs and tunnels, as in the photo, are crushed either from premium silicone, or from medical steel.