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Earrings for piercing Caflon Gold (universal system)

Caflon Gold ear piercing earrings: elegant, easy to use, ideal for universal ear piercing gun ear piercing

The Caflon online store provides its customers not only with various models of ear piercing guns, but also with hygienic stud earrings to go with it. On this page we offer to buy earrings for ear piercing, designed for the universal Caflon Gold system. You can purchase your favorite model in bulk, and at retail. For wholesale buyers, we have developed a system of discounts that will allow you to quickly recoup your investment.

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What earrings for ear piercing can you buy in Ukraine

Rolled stud earrings

Available in 3 sizes: from 2 mm to 4 mm. They can be rolled to look like gold, silver, platinum, have or without gold plating. Vary in the color of the stone (garnet, sapphire, emerald, white crystal, etc.). They are united by the material of manufacture - medical steel, paired sterile packaging and high quality workmanship.

Hygienic earrings for ear piercing, “prong” model

These studs contain a minimal amount of metal, since the stone is secured using “claws.” They can be bought in different sizes and colors. The alloy composition is medical steel, the stone in the earrings is Swarovski crystal.

Earrings for pierced ears with zirconium

Visually similar to studs with diamonds. They also have several sizes, paired sterile packaging and are made of medical steel.

Carnations with pearls

These earrings can be rolled or “pronged”, have different sizes and rolled colors, and are often plated with gold. They are united by pearls, which are the main decoration of the product.

  • Earrings balls for a universal pistol
  • Earrings of various geometric shapes with and without stone
  • Sets of earrings for ear piercing

It is very profitable to buy them in Ukraine in our store. There are completely different sets both in cost and in the number of pairs, colors, size and shape. They are united by an attractive price and ideal compatibility with a universal ear piercing gun.