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Krapan - Stud earrings made of medical steel Caflon Gold

Caflon Gold needle earrings for piercing ears with a gun - Prong (stone fastening in the "paws")

Earrings in the prong for the primary piercing of the ears are made of hypoallergenic medical steel 316L. Complete set: 2 couples in a sterile plastic stud together with fasteners. For piercing with a gun, you need open the protective shell of the capsule with the earrings, remove the plastic stud and insert the needle earrings into the nozzle just before the ear piercing.

Ear piercing with Caflon Gold prong earrings.

Earrings-needles in studs are suitable for piercing the ears of both adults and children. The main purpose of the earrings "Krapan" shape - a piercing with a gun, but you can buy earrings for everyday wear, already having a puncture. Lovers of beautiful jewelry can choose from earrings with white pearls, aquamarine or bright ruby, whatever you choose - Caflon earrings will adorn you everywhere and always, as crystal is used in the products Swarovski. Earrings in Caflon Gold prongs can be either coated (24 carat gold plated) or uncoated in steel color.

  • Available sizes: 2mm (mini), 3mm (medium), 4mm (large).

All Caflon products are quality certified. Caflon medical needle earrings are regularly inspected for conformity quality standards, and are approved for use according to the scope of application. Earrings in a prong Caflon can be used in beauty parlors, beauty salons and medical centers.

  • Please note that first piercing products are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.