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Jewelry for piercings in Dnipro: stylish, fashionable, inexpensive

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Online store "Kaflon" offers to buy jewelry for piercing in the Dnieper and the region. Our catalog contains only high-quality, certified earrings from well-known brands, sold at an affordable price.

Assortment of earrings

Starting with jewelry for the earlobe (studs, needle earrings, rings, pendants, in the style of ethno, classic, modern, etc.) and ending with products for the most extravagant types of piercings - you will find all this in our online boutique:

  • regular, curved, micro and industrial rods;
  • labrets, nostrils;
  • bananas;
  • horseshoes, spirals, twisters;
  • rings, cuffs, clickers;
  • stretch marks, tunnels, plugs;
  • microdermals, bars and more.

Each type of earrings contains hundreds of models that differ in size, color, shape and semantic content.

Design of piercing jewelry

For the Dnieper, we have prepared goods of all directions. There are a decent amount of classic cheats in the form of balls, cones, single crystals. As well as the most provocative, outrageous products that are able to surprise, attract attention. Along with them, there are solutions in the spirit of trendy trends that allow you to create an up-to-date and advanced image.

Production material

We sell only exceptionally high-quality materials that are distinguished by a long service life, hypoallergenicity, resistance to damage. No harmful impurities and additives in pure:

  • titanium;
  • medical steel;
  • bioplast (similar to bioflex).

Product price

The low cost at which you can buy piercing earrings will delight our customers from the Dnieper and Dnepropetrovsk region. I would like to note that we sell jewelry at the level of the cheapest prices in Ukraine. Of course, there are also more expensive models, usually decorated with Swarovski crystals, covered with gold or platinum. But they are quite affordable for the budget of any size.

From the store to the customer: lightning fast and with a guarantee

Kaflon works with all reputable carriers in Ukraine. When choosing Nova Poshta, you can track the progress of your order in real time. If for some reason you do not like this representative of postal services, then the delivery will be carried out by another service that causes you more confidence.

In order for a magnificent piercing jewelry to be in your hands, just make all two clicks on our website!