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Proper care of navel piercing after piercing

Caring for a navel piercing after a piercing

Belly button piercing is one of the most popular types of body jewelry. How long does a belly button piercing take? This type of body art is quite capricious, it heals completely from six months to a year, gives a high rejection level. Therefore, the question often arises of how to care for a navel piercing. There are few such procedures, they are easy, the main difficulty is the duration of application. Therefore, if you decide to pierce the navel, find out the stages of healing of the navel piercing and how to care for the navel after the piercing.

Proper care of a navel piercing after piercing

If other types of punctures do not require special treatment after 1-2 months, then here you need to tune in at least 6 months. Let's take a closer look at the stages of healing of a navel piercing and caring for a navel piercing.

Healing process of navel piercing: steps

Complete healing of a navel piercing can take 3-6 months, and sometimes longer. This indicator is individual. At the first stage, the damaged layers of the skin are restored. All this time (at least 2 months), liquid may ooze from the wound, there may be swelling, redness, pain. How long does a belly button piercing take to heal? The second stage - the healing of internal tissues and the formation of the channel may take an even longer time and the healing period in total up to a year. It is important to know this for everyone who decides on a navel piercing - healing will definitely not be quick.

The healing process of a navel piercing

But if you properly handle the navel puncture, healing will cause a minimum of problems and go faster.

Belly button piercing care

So you've got your belly button pierced - how do you take care of it? As usual, everything is based on cleaning and washing. Piercers have not come to the same opinion on what is better to use for flushing:

  • antiseptic;
  • saline;
  • saline solution;
  • soap.

Procedures for caring for a navel piercing

Each tool has its pros and cons, so the approach should be individual. We will offer an average, but the safest and most reliable approach. They made a navel piercing - care in stages.

We actively care for the first days

In fact, you now have an open wound on your stomach, so it’s worth approaching care from this position. So we wash with saline (it is sterile) and go through with an antiseptic.

Navel piercing - how to care for the first time?

Up to 3 times a day, you will need to dissolve the resulting crust and rinse the canal. Salt solution (1/4 teaspoon of sea salt per 200 ml of boiled water) or pharmacy saline is suitable for soaking. There are two options for thinning the crust:

  • make a compress from a moistened cotton pad / swab;
  • "bathe" the navel piercing. We take a suitable container, pour the solution (room temperature), bend over (preferably over the bath) and press the rim of the glass to the stomach. Then we deviate back, the navel with the earring is immersed in the liquid. We hold for about 10 minutes, like a compress.

After that, with a moistened cotton swab, separate the crust, if it has not come off by itself. Then we moisten another stick in an antiseptic and gently, carefully pass it along the exits of the piercing canals. Wet with a napkin or paper towel.

If the healing goes without excesses, then about a week later we refuse the antiseptic.

Healed a little

We quickly heal a navel puncture - leaving when the first signs of healing appear. If signs of scarring have already appeared, we switch to washing with saline 1-2 times a day.

Caring for a healed navel piercing

We regularly clean the channel and decorations. To do this, we lather the navel with antibacterial soap, clean the earring by turning it in a puncture. We wash off, dry the channel and the earring with a towel, by rotating it. It is not recommended to constantly remove the piercing from the navel.

Precautions after a navel piercing

What can not be done after a navel piercing? It is important not only to properly handle the puncture site, but also to be aware of the prohibitions. If you have a navel piercing - what can not be done until complete healing?

We do not allow contact with clothing. To do this, seal with adhesive tape with a fabric backing.

  • We only take showers, no baths!
  • We refuse to swim in ponds and pools for several months.
  • We do not wear things that fit the stomach.
  • We do not use creams, ointments in the abdomen.
  • We touch the decoration in the navel only on business and with clean hands.

Knowing how much the navel heals after a puncture and how to properly care for it, you will be much easier to transfer the stage recovery and soon you will be able to show off your new piercing in front of the whole world.

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